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Next scheduled milebuilder to be advised...

From time to time we have milebuilding trips where we travel further afield to Gibraltar, Morocco and into the Med. These trips are normally one week´s duration but occasionally two.


The milebuilders are not suitable for people who have not sailed before. You should hold RYA Competent Crew as a minimum before booking onto one of these trips. You must also be willing to participate fully in the running of the yacht and watch-keeping system whilst the yacht is at sea.

These trips are ideal for those seeking an offshore experience as the yacht will be out of sight of land for long periods. It is a very different experience from coastal sailing and is highly suited to those considering bluewater cruising for the first time. It is also ideal for anyone wishing to notch up a couple of 60 mile Yachtmaster Offshore qualifying passages.

A one week trip usually clocks up in the region of 250 to 300 nautical miles which is more than double the miles logged during a typical one week´s RYA training course. Since the main purpose of this type of trip is to build miles and spend prolonged periods of time at sea, this trip is not compatible with any of the RYA training courses as there is simply not the time to practice the manoeuvres required to complete all elements of the Day or Coastal Skipper syllabi.

We are compiling a mailing list for people who would like to be advised when a milebuilder is scheduled. If you would like to add your email address to this list, please complete the form on the offers page or by clicking this link.

Low Season (November to March) £575.00 GBP per person
High Season (April to October) £605.00 GBP per person
Course Details
Duration 5 days - Sunday 18:00 to Saturday 09:30. Sailing Monday to Friday.
Suggested minimum pre-course experience: RYA Competent Crew or 5 days on board, 100 miles logged, 4 night hours
What your fees include:
  • Fully qualified professional instruction and use of all safety equipment
  • Fuel and mooring fees
  • All food on board
  • Accommodation on board for 6 nights
  • Freshly laundered linen plus loan of oilskins if necessary
What´s not included:
  • Food eaten ashore when the yacht is in port. There is always the option to cook on board but people are generally glad to get off the boat for a few hours and eat ashore on the milebuilding trips!
  • RYA Log Book - you can buy this on board or via the Books page
Availability: These trips will be advertised on this page, on the offers page and by email if you wish to be included on the mailing list.