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Telephone Spain: +34 959 321 824 Mobile: +34 609 759 109 Email: info@farosailingschool.com

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the age limit?

There is no upper limit, although a reasonable level of fitness is required. We do not take anyone under the age of 18 unaccompanied by an adult.

Will there be any children on board?

No. Families with children under the age of 12 are very welcome, however we insist that they book the whole yacht to themselves.

Will you book flights for me?

No, however we will point you in the right direction. There are so many airlines flying to Faro that you may well come up with a better deal than we could find.

Is there a CD player on board?

Yes, please feel free to bring along your favourite tunes. You can also plug in an iphone or mp3 player.

Can I do one course while my partner does another on the same boat at the same time?

Yes, we are very used to mixed ability teaching. Partners who prefer not to do a course but just to enjoy a relaxing sailing holiday are also very welcome and are welcome to join in and have some tuition if they wish.

How many people will there be on board?

There is a maximum of 5 students, plus the instructor.

Do you take single person bookings?

Yes, a large proportion of our customers travel alone - sailing is a team activity and you will soon feel at home with the yacht and the rest of the crew.

Will I be expected to share a cabin?

Couples are always allocated a double cabin. If you have booked with a friend then you may be expected to share a cabin. You will never be expected to share a double cabin with a stranger. If you are on one of the two saloon berths, we do our best to ensure you share with another student of the same sex.

Do I need a Visa?

Not if you are an EU citizen. If you reside outside of the EU, you may need a Visa for both Spain and Portugal as we visit Portugal during the course. If you are booking onto a milebuilder, it is preferable to obtain a Visa for Gibraltar also but not essential.

Do you cater for vegetarians and/or special dietary requirements?

Yes, please make a note on your booking form and we will ensure you are catered for.

Is there electricity on board/Can I charge my telephone?

Yes, while we are in the marina but not at sea. The 220v socket is Spanish so don't forget your adapter. There is also a 12v socket for charging mobile phones which works at all times if you have a 12v charger cable.

How many meals are provided on board?

Breakfast, lunches and two evening meals are provided during the 5 days of the course (Monday to Friday). All food eaten ashore is extra. Eating out is inexpensive in Spain and Portugal - typical costs are between 10 and 20 euros per person for an evening meal with wine and coffee.

I am a smoker - is this a problem?

No, however, we do not allow smoking below decks and we ask that you sit to leeward if you wish to smoke underway so that smoke and ash blows outboard. In the marinas, we prefer you to smoke on the pontoon rather than in the cockpit and to dispose of your extinguished butts in the bin and not in the sea at all times.

Is alcohol supplied on board?

No, however, we have no objection to you bringing along a bottle of your favourite tipple or putting some beers or wine in the fridge for when we are finished for the day. We do not encourage heavy drinking at anytime and drinking at lunchtime is particularly discouraged as it tends to send you to sleep, especially when combined with a hot climate. We will not be held responsible for any inability to participate in the course on your part as a result of too much alcohol!!